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Por Yolanda Couceiro Morín | Last December, Geert Wilders, the founder and leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), was convicted of "inc...

Por Yolanda Couceiro Morín |

Last December, Geert Wilders, the founder and leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), was convicted of "inciting discrimination". The reason for this conviction lies in the declarations made by the Dutch politician in 2014, in which he stated: "Holland has a problem and is called Moroccans". In a meeting with his followers in The Haya he asked them a question: "Do you want more or less Moroccans in Holland?" In front of the mass public response to "Less, less!" Wilders assured them: "I'll take care of it".

That sentence didn´t perturbed Wilders, who does not regret or feel guilty about anything. As he had promised, judicial repression has not kept him quiet since, in the midst of the campaign for the March 15 elections, he has not failed to say: "The Islamization of Holland must end because this country is in the hands of the terror that the Moroccan scum imposes on the streets". Indeed, in its electoral program promises to reduce the presence of Islam in Holland, through the "closure of mosques and Islamic schools" and "give more money to those who truly deserve it", the Dutch citizens themselves.

It is therefore not unlikely that the Dutch court continue trying to silence the voice of Wilders, who represents, according to the polls, the preferred candidate with more than 30% of the votes cast. Salaried judges and the media, who often act as the sole informers of any manifestation of "deviant thinking", insist on ignoring what Georges Orwell says in "1984": "Freedom of opinion and expression consists in being able to say even what people do not want to hear". Actually, there are many people who want to hear Wilders' speech. His analysis of the situation and his proposals are increasingly accepted and supported by the Dutch people, the same people as the ruling elites and their domestic media and judicial service would like to silence. As Orwell says: "Even though it is small and weak, it is unbearable for us to have a deviant thought somewhere in the world". But such libertarian efforts will be in vain.

This "deviant thinking", of which the Dutch leader is a prominent exponent, has become the crime per excellence, since it undermines the very foundations of the prevailing system, which is not willing to accept the slightest diminution of its control and its dominion, over bodies and minds as well. "The tyrant of all powers is the one who makes opinions crimes, because everyone has the inviolable right to freedom of thought", says Baruch Espinoza. Wilders has been tried and convicted of a crime of opinion, because opining against the current of the dominant ideology has become a crime in Europe today. Law and freedom itself are receding in the continent that has seen the birth of the noblest and most humane civilization of all time. The regression is huge.

We live a new Inquisition. In Europe, from north to south and from east to west, dissidents are again persecuted and all vehement resistance to popular ideas about "human rights", multiculturalism and other articles of faith of the current "progressive" creed and politically correct, is denounced by the media addicted to the prevailing regime and ideology, and condemned by repressive laws and harshly sanctioned by the judges. The thinking police is partying. Its chosen target: the famous "deviant thought" that attacks the dogmas on which the System is based.

The last trial against Wilders has been a farce, another episode of repression against this new "heresy" that consists of answering the "theological" pillars of this new religion of "human rights, multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity", which adopts, in practice, the form and methods of a genuine political and intellectual dictatorship against which it is a crime to oppose. The System bases its supposed legitimacy on a series of "sacred truths" that no one can question without risking to sit on the infamous dock of the accused. The opposition movement and resistance to the tyranny of the "sacred truths" is a struggle that is developing and consolidating throughout Europe. Hence, censorship, punishment and persecution against this movement are also hardened.

"Whoever has the power to make absurdities believe, also has the power to commit injustices", as Voltaire said. There are two sides of the same coin: the lie and the violence. The absurdities of the supposed terrestrial Eden that in theory should be multiculturalism, "diversity" and "openness to the other" (actually the invasion and colonization by strange peoples of our countries) find their complement in the injustices committed by the masters of discourse and falsifiers of history. When the lie is not sufficient by itself to convince those to whom it is directed, then it is passed to the repression, the punishment and the violence that means the violation of fundamental rights and freedoms. In Europe, as the air of liberation blows, repression begins.

The dogma of "sacred truths", which no one can question without being persecuted and which is intended to be elevated to the status of a legal norm, announces the twilight of law in Europe. The application of this doctrine is transforming the magistrates into inquisitors and is leading us to act as totalitarian states in which, having established the Party or the Church the official doctrine, the Police and Justice are entrusted with the task of defending and persecuting dissidents and heretics.

We must end all abuses of this new inquisition, with contempt of law, against that suffocating climate of intolerance that stifles our society and sterilizes our culture. We are faced with a manifest desire for unlawful repression, the result of the excessive inquisitorial zeal of a judiciary that has lost the north of its obligatory task of preserving legality and the common good and not erecting censors, moralizers or demonologists at the service of obsessions and fantasies of any regime of any sign.

Wishing to subdue the whole society by casting silence from the lambs and to the praise of the "essential truths" of the prevailing religion would be ridiculous if it were not dramatic. We are faced with a dangerous liberticidal drift that transits the territory of absurdity and abuse, in seeking to prosecute those who exercise their inalienable right to freedom of expression without the approval of the masters of the moment or the approval of the censors of "deviant thinking" who do not hesitate to get to the point of digging in the most personal and hidden areas of people in search of "sinful ideas" deserving of the punishment of the new inquisition.

This totalitarian orientation, which already encompasses the four corners of public life, and increasingly those of the private sphere of citizens, will be accentuated as these laws prove to be completely useless in order to undermine freedom of expression. Greater opposition to tyranny, greater legislative, police and judicial repression. And greater resistance to oppression as well. European justice and its Police, which they prove incapable of combating crime and terrorism, are now engaged in the persecution of "heretics". In fact, the crushing accusations of racism, fascism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, etc… which arise distally and sinister at the slightest opportunity, are parareligious anathemas, excommunication launched against every person or group constituted to answer the dogmas of the political and media class in power.

Justice in Europe is increasingly becoming a partisan justice, totally subject to the insidious dictatorship that rules under the hypocritical mask of freedom, democracy and human rights. The judges, simple pawns of the established power, have been put at the service of the conformism of their time, the politically correct thinking. The new mission of these judges is to condemn with severity the dissidents of the ruling system. This justice is only a mere conveyor belt in the organization chart of the power of the masters of the situation, ready to do everything in order to remain in command.

The present judges, also reflecting a vulgar time enemy of all virtue and integrity, if not devoid of elemental moral decency, subject themselves to hegemonic ideology. Most of them recite the creed in vogue, and conform to the spirit of time without rebellion or criticism. Dead fish follow the flow, they cannot do otherwise. The Dutch justice has brought Wilders to its presence in order to answering the essential truths of the System, specifically for having said blasphemous words against the official creed of multiculture and the supposed goodness of Islam. The accusation has been the expected: incitement to hatred, racism, discrimination, etc, etc... little more and the prosecutor requested his entry into a psychiatric asylum as in the "good times"...

And speaking of "good times". During the French Revolution, there was a Prosecutor of the Revolutionary Court called Fouquier-Tinville, famous for sending huge amounts of "enemies of the people" to the guillotine. This prosecutor said: "Give me a single sentence of any person and I will have him executed". In the case of Wilders the prosecution has needed little more than a couple of phrases to ask for his putting out of circulation and his civil and moral death. At other times and geographies, he could have been sent to a special psychiatric asylum for "enemies of the people", or condemned to galleys, salt mines or dried Pontan Marshes... But Wilders has managed to emerge with a relatively benign sentence, without imposition of jail or fine. Perhaps the ideal of "revolutionary justice" that some would like to impose definitively in Europe is losing steam. Or the cowardice of the judges has found elsewhere the reasons for their fear and has decided to act accordingly. They may feel that they are entering a minefield where they can be themselves judged by their actions on a nearby day.

Winds are changing direction and some people are not insensitive to that reality that is looming on the horizon. In a future that is already drawn on the horizon, they could be called to report themselves: the fate of the traitors has never been an enviable destination. The judges in this case have not dared to go to the end of the punishment dictated in advance by their masters and have been half-way. Justice has condemned, with more fear than shame, the accused for "incitement to discrimination" and has exonerated him from the crime of "inciting hatred". But History has already absolved Wilders.


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